Hi! I’m Khareji Girlfriend. I’m teaching myself the art of Persian cuisine from somewhere deep in Texas, which is no easy feat. (On that note: It is generally true that I can’t cook, am a terrible photographer, and have no idea how to work a blog, so the fact that you’re reading this can only be explained by divine inspiration.)

I’ve created this site to store recipes on once I finally figure out how to make them properly, so that I can replicate them again later, and share them with friends for feedback.

Occasionally I also record fun and quirky phrases or facts I’ve learned about Persian culture, mostly just from recipe books or friends who were brave enough to try my cooking. Any or all of it may be entirely fabricated. We’ll never know.

I’m always happy to hear your tips, corrections, and general encouragement on this journey. I hope you are inspired to try some new recipes too! Nooshe joon.

(Nooshe joon means “may it nourish your soul” and is the Farsi equivalent of “bon appétit”.)