Cocktail: Ajeel

Jump to Recipe For Nowruz 1400, we were lucky enough to have dinner at Chef Amir Hajimaleki’s pop-up restaurant, Roya. He consistently provides the most amazing Persian food under the sun, and this time he even created Persian-themed cocktails! My favorite cocktail was the Ajeel, with stolichnaya elite vodka, pistachio orgeat, golden raisin puree, lime, […]


Stained Glass

You may remember from my a previous post that my boyfriend’s grandpa is an amazing architect. He draws Kufic block calligraphy, and we have a whole book of his drawings. This makes gifting in our house super easy! I can turn those drawings into art pieces and my boyfriend will always love them, no matter […]


Olive Za’atar Bread

Jump to Recipe I am attempting to replicate the delicious Eggs in Purgatory breakfast at the restaurant next door, and this bread is the first component.  

Pomegranate Mousse Cake

Pomegranate Mousse Cake

Jump to Recipe I’ve been looking for pretty recipes to make for Shabe Yaldā, and this one from Ask Chef Dennis is beautiful!  



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