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Flavor Translations


Acidic: acidi Astringent: gas Bitter: talkh Bland: bimazzeh Burnt: sookhteh Comforting: delneshin Fragrant: khosh boo Fruity: meevehi Juicy: aabdar Light: sabok Medicinal: mesle dava Mild: melo Minty: na’naaii Oily: roghani Old: mundeh Over-steeped: jooshideh Peppery: felfeli Rich: por mayeh Salty: shoor Sharp or Spicy: tond Smoky: doodi Soft: narm Sour: […]

Hot & Cold Drinks, Recipes

Cocktail: Ajeel


For Nowruz 1400, we were lucky enough to have dinner at Chef Amir Hajimaleki’s pop-up restaurant, Roya. He consistently provides the most amazing Persian food under the sun, and this time he even created Persian-themed cocktails! My favorite cocktail was the Ajeel, with stolichnaya elite vodka, pistachio orgeat, golden raisin […]